The industry has long operated without accountability, from unethical supply chains to tokenism and elitism. We are committed to informing our community of news and issues happening in the industry. Our platform acts as an insightful sharing forum, opening up the dialogue and interaction between designer and customer so that we can all learn from each other.


All actions have a domino effect; as a producer or a consumer we can implement practices to make that ripple effect a positive one that uplifts communities. Proceeding with empathy at our core we ensure that we act consciously and that our decisions are promoting and propelling positive culture by taking the livelihoods of others into consideration.


Before equality we need to acquire equity. We exclude and oppress communities by ignoring the un- level playing field that exists in fashion and therefore encourage a further divide. Our goal at NBM is to make space for those from marginalised backgrounds, local and afar. We believe in supporting and championing voices in the industry that are often not heard and creating new opportunities of growth.

NEO BLACK MARKET is a retail initiative reimagining the value of waste. We give a platform to progressive emerging designers and follow a circular business model by saving surplus clothing that might otherwise go to waste or landfill and instead use it as a resource. As a result we offer unconventional product ranges of rare one off garments and eclectic pieces for people who appreciate individuality. We aim to influence positive producer and consumer culture in relation to social and environmental justice through the practices of education, empathy and equity. Leading with these values we strive for authentic, inclusive conversations rooted in social development to help lead purpose driven action on some of the most pressing issues of our time.